Bethamy Linton is a fourth generation West Australian silversmith and offers bespoke handmade pieces to adorn the body or the table for commission and exhibition

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Christmas 2018!!!

Now with just one last lovely commission to wrap up before Christmas I would like to thank you all for your support. I’m so grateful to have a strong base of loyal friends, customers and collectors that help to keep handcrafted work alive, the studio doors open and the wolves at bay.

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Linton Silver 2018

  If you’re not familiar with our history; the Linton workshop was established in 1907 by my Great Grandfather, James Walter Robert (JWR) Linton. It was JWR and my grandfather Jamie that developed the line of Linton cutlery that we are reknowned for. This range...

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  Jewellery making classes have been such a blast over the last few months, and having settled into the run of things, refined the exercises I offer my students and generally gotten comfy I’ve decided to make a few changes to the structure. Evening Classes I’m...

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