Happy New Year!!!!!!

I’m inexplicably excited about 2014 folks, I really can’t explain why.

Not yet back to work, I’m meandering about my property in the hills trying to untangle the tomatoes and conunding (pretty sure that’s not a real word) on the water issue. Where is it, how do we get it, where do we put it; it’s a whole different beast when you’re not on scheme water.

Soon however; Monday even, these concerns are going to be relegated to the weekends and holidays as I get back to making madly.

What was I doing in 2013? Where have I been? Well hells, I been busy I swear! Up until just before christmas I was an applied and dedicated craftsperson.

  • I got a new website up (see!!!) which is great! (Thanks Mark!)
  • I joined Klimt02, (an international contemporary jewellery network),
  • I was awarded my certificate 3 in jewellery manufacture (that’s my fine jewellery apprenticeship for those that don’t speak TAFE),
  • I made a lot of pretty things for lovely people.
  • Winged Alates, the piece acquired by the National Gallery in 2012 was selected for Bodyworks, a travelling exhibition of 40 contemporary jewellery pieces from the National Gallery collection which is touring regional galleries in Australia for 2 years.
  • I took my first solo exhibition to Studio 20/17 in NSW
  • I participated in 2 group exhibitions in Brisbane and attended the JMGA conference
  • I participated in an Artsource 6×6 in November
  • Participated in a masterclass with professor Norman Cherry
  • My work King Brown was finalist in the Bendigo Contemporary Metal Awards

There’s more, I know it, I just can’t think.  But all that’s old hat!

This year, for starters, I’m working toward a second solo exhibition, I’m making a guest appearance as artist in residence at Mundaring Art Centre in February, and I’m committed to getting regular with this blogging thing. Wish me luck!!!

I hope every one of you has a frikkin-fantastic new year and had a wonderful time over the Christmas period.

All the best!