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Come on in! We’re throwing open the doors Sunday June 11 2017 from 10 – 4

Where? Robertson Park Artist Studios, 176 Fitzgerald Street West Perth. And bring your pup – that’s us smack bang in the middle of that big, beautiful, dog friendly park.

I mentioned the move briefly before, even shared a couple of pics on social media, but now I’m more settled in my lovely new shared studio it’s time to throw open the doors. I can’t wait for you to see my city digs!… and meet my new mates.

Robertson Park Artist Studios houses 6 artists including me; a ceramicist, Graham Hay, three painters; Sarah Jane Marchant, Chris McClelland and Carol Rowling, and finally Fran Dennis, a multi-media artist. It’s a joy to be working alongside thee six mature, collegiate and personable peeps. I think you’re going to like meeting them and seeing their diverse and beautiful work as much as I have.

The space itself is a gorgeous, architect designed hall. It was, as I understand it, originally made to house the Perth Band. Then the local boundaries changed and well… 18 years ago Graham, Carol and some other rag-tag artists moved in and have called it their second home ever sonce. I feel incredibly fortunate to have stumbled across the space when I did. It now serves as my city studio, a space for me to work on small scale exhibition and commission work when I bring my lovely, grumbly toddler into town to be with his grandparents.

You can find out more about the space and the artists here

As well as my lovely space, I will have lots of beautiful new work to show you, including some works in progress for exhibition later on this year and next. So come on down for a perfect wintery Sunday thing-to-do. Hope to see you!


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New Stockists!

Photo by Yasmin Studio

So far this year has been a blur of activity, winding up teaching last year I had the notion that I might develop a line of work for sale through retail galleries. 

This isn’t an activity I’ve pursued for the last six or seven years; notoriously disorganised I struggle to keep track of stock, and my experience with interstate galleries going bust, selling work without informing me and generally being difficult to manage was less than comforting. Not surprisingly, one of the advantages jewellery has for an artist – that of being relatively small and easy to transport, is also a challenge. Galleries have the space and opportunity to represent sometimes over a hundred artists (why wouldn’t they; work is in consignment and costs them very little in terms of space to house) and very few galleries are in a position to adequately promote all said artists in a way that translate to sales that will support their practice’. Naturally, these galleries tend to focus on those artist with whom they have a close relationship, usually local often already established, though not always on either account. 

But I digress – as it happened the thought occurred to me, I started to develop the work and in the weird and wonderful way of the universe I soon received three unsolicited contacts from local retailers looking for work. I figure that’s a clear sign right? I took it upon myself to offer the work to Aspects, with whom I’ve had a relationship for 13 years now (gasp!) and i also started to investigate the possibility of an online store. So here I am three months later, and if you’re looking to find my work our there in the physical world you can now go to;
Aspects to Kings Park, Fraser Avenue West Perth

Found, Fremantle Arts Centre

Botanicalia, York

Sittella winery, Middle Swan

Margaret River Gallery, Margaret River.

In addition my own online store is just days (read an indeterminable number of weeks 😳) away from launching. I even have my an effortlessly beautiful model at hand to demonstrate just how lovely the work can look on you. I’ll keep you posted. 

Photo by Bill Shaylor

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(cr)After-noon Delights

Cheesie headline, I think my joie de vivre is getting the better of me; finally friends, my studio reno’s are complete. The space has changed completely, it feels like a lovely refuge from the outside world. I just want to hole up in here and contemplate my beautiful, new, relatively unblemished concrete floor… is that weird?

We had a lovely time on the second Saturday in March at the first beginners workshop on premises at Linton Studio. My three students for the day, Liz, Susan and Delia made some excellent pieces using the simple techniques we were dealing with – they all left wearing their creations. It was great! And it’s inspired me to keep offering workshops throughout the year. See below for the three I’ve planned over the next three months, if they go well (and you lot out there seem interested) I’ll schedule in some more!

Workshop schedule April – June 2015

D.I.Y silver earrings 2 hour Beginner’s Workshop, $85 pp, materials provided
Make a simple pair of textured and embellished silver earrings assembled using components provided. Techniques you will learn include roll-printing metal, riveting and bending sterling silver shepherd (earring) hooks.8 places available, no experience necessary
Saturday April 11
11am – 1pm

Jewellery Making 101
6 hour Beginner’s Workshop, $335 pp, materials provided
If you’re serious about learning tool skills you can continue to use to make your own jewellery designs at home this is the workshop for you. Participants will learn to pierce and saw silver sheet to produce a fretwork pendant or pair of earrings. Tools and materials provided.
4 places available, no experience necessary
Saturday May 9
10am – 4pm

Pattern Making
2 day Advanced Skills Workshop, $425 pp, materials provided
Learn how to carve low-relief designs directly into silver to produce master patterns for repetition by casting. This technique produces cleaner masters with a greater level of detail and a better finish than wax carving and avoids the double handling associated with wax carved patterns. 4 places available, a working knowledge of basic tool skills is essential
Saturday June 13 & Sunday June 14
10am – 4pm


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2015, we’re (finally) ready for you


Ok, so It’s a bit of a stretch to wish you a happy new year… forgive me if I’m running a bit behind the 8-ball, but for those who haven’t heard I am just now returning to work from Maternity leave. Yes, it’s true; my gentleman friend and I welcomed our Son and Heir last September (cue fanfare).

Meanwhile, amidst recovering from the shock and attempting to adjust, I managed to send work off for a few exhibitions, including the Shanghai International Metalsmithing & Jewelry Art Exhibition, Artistar Jewels in Milan (customs almost killed me!), and right now I have work in the final Shire of Mundaring annual acquisitive exhibition at Mundaring Art Centre InMaterial. It’s a beautiful exhibition showcasing local craft artists across different media, if you are in the area I urge you to make time to see it.

But what then, for the rest of 2015?

Well, I have been busy renovating my studio at Taylor’s Cafe in the Swan Valley. I have a new floor, new paint and a new way forward. I’m shaking things up and re-organising the studio, creating a private gallery and teaching space.

From here on out I will be open for business every Friday from 10 – 4 and otherwise by appointment, you can come there to see me, discuss commissions or just have a chat and view my work. I will be having private viewings of new collections throughout the year which I will let you know about here via my blog, and on my facebook page.

I’m also planning monthly jewellery-making workshops which will be an ever-changing feast of new skills for beginners through to experienced jewellery makers. These start this month!!!

The inaugural workshop will be on Saturday March 14 from 11am – 3pm.
In this 4 hour workshop I will guide you through making hand cut and patterned jewellery pieces to take away with you. You will learn basic roll printing, riveting and cutting techniques.
The workshop will be held in my studio at Taylor’s Cafe, 510 Great Northern Highway Middle Swan. Maximum of 10 students per workshop. Contact me for bookings; Telephone 0430463736 Email

Hope to see you!



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Workshops, Country Style and a sneak peek

Despite my best intentions, I confess I find it difficult to blog on the regular. As a result, when I do it’s like talking to a dear friend you haven’t seen in a few years; you want to catch them up on the news but it’s kinda hard to pick out the highlights and cram it all in to a conversation. What stops me is my inconstant collection of relevant images, I feel a post just isn’t complete with an image or two to illustrate. So, I’ve been saving up. Poor strategy, sure.

Last time we spoke, dear friend, I was Artist in Focus at Mundaring Arts Centre.  I must say it was a lovely 6 week stint; Jenny, Clare and Co made it extremely easy and fun. I had the immense pleasure and fortune of meeting re-knowned hills based artist Madeleine Clear, whose work I’ve long admired. Speaking with her and visiting her studio was seriously inspirational. The jewellery making workshops, which included four with 10 and 11 year old kids, went over brilliantly. Focusing on roll printing, simple cutting and rivetting techniques, my talented students made a raft of lovely wearables, and took home some new skills to boot. A good time was had by all…. except maybe the poor lady that took to her thumb with a hammer. Ouch.

IMG_2379 IMG_2391 IMG_2388






In other news; seen this month’s Country Style magazine? They’ve published a lovely article on your truly this month, I even get a mention on the cover. Bless ’em!

country style cover may 2014

It’s a lovely write up; I’m tickled pink and will be posting a full PDF of the article on the website soon.

I’m also pretty happy about the new series I’m working on for an Perth Fashion Festival affiliated exhibition in September. It’s a bit of a departure from recent work; developing ideas for handcut titanium vessels for my solo show in 2015 left me with little motivation to lace cut anything in the short term. Still focused on my immediate natural environment, I have been looking at Dryandra plants. They’re a breed of particularly prickly native bush that springs up everywhere, and especially where the canopy in Jarrah forrests has been eroded by things like felling and climate change and the other bad things we’re responsible for. As a friend described it, it’s like natures scarring. It feels to me, walking through our property, like a silent reproach.


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M.A.C. artist in focus

Hello!!! Just a quicky;

The annual acquisition show and my own exhibition opened at Mundaring Art Centre last Friday; I encourage you to go if you reside here on the west side, the acquisition show this year, Women Artists of the Hills 1930 – 1980 is truly worth seeing.

There are also some workshops and talks attached to the exhibitions (I’ve attached M.A.C.’s  program below) if you’re interested coming along to a workshops give them a call, they’re taking the reins bless ’em. I’ll be everywhere you see my name, and also at the Forum on March 6 as a keen listener.

Tues 25 Feb 12.30 – 2pmMAC & Shire  Artist Talk & Exhibition ToursVisitors will meet at the Mundaring Arts Centre and take a guided tour of the SOM Art Acquisition exhibition with curator Emma Mahanay Bitmead and exhibiting artist Madeleine ClearBethamy Linton will talk about her arts practise as visitors enjoy her work in Gallery TwoEmma will then take visitors to the Shire of Mundaring Administration to see a selection of the Shire’s Art Collection rarely seen by the public
Sat 1 March 11am – 3pmMAC Jewellery workshopBeginners 16yrs + Adult workshop $85 per personAll materials providedBring your own lunch

Bethamy will guide you through making a piece of beautiful hand cut and patterned jewellery to take away with you. You will learn basic roll printing, ribbling and cutting techniques

Sun 2March 1 – 4pmMAC &3 x Open Artist’s studios


Artist Open Studios Visitors are invited to come to MAC and see the stunning exhibitions on show as the starting point for an afternoon visiting local artist’s studios.Philippa and Bethamy will be at MAC from 11am – 1pm to talk about their work and Bethamy will be demonstrating her jewellery techniques
Tues 4 March 12.30 – 2pmMAC & Shire  Artist Talk & Exhibition ToursVisitors will meet at the Mundaring Arts Centre and take a guided tour of the SOM Art Acquisition exhibition with curator Emma Mahanay Bitmead and exhibiting artist Philippa O’Brien.Bethamy Linton will talk about her arts practise as visitors enjoy her work in Gallery Two, Emma will then take visitors to the Shire of Mundaring to see a selection of the Shire’s Art Collection rarely seen by the public
Thurs 6 March 6.30 – 8pmMAC Forum: Women of the Hills: Influential artists from the 1930s to 1980sJoin us for an evening of informal conversation led by curator and facilitator Emma Mahanay and a panel of art collection professionals, including Winthrop Professor Ted Snell, Sue Starcken, Philippa O’Brien and Melissa HarpleyThe panel will focus on West Australian women artists from the 1930s to 1980s, discuss key works, the significance of art collections and provide new interpretations of the history of West Australian art
Sat 15 March 11am – 3pmChristine’s Studio  Pastel workshopChristine invites the public to join her in her studio for a day of learning colour theory and application techniques. Christine uses black paper and vibrant colour layered to make the artwork glow.
Sun 16 March 11am – 3pmMAC Jewellery workshop Beginners 16yrs + Adult workshopAll materials provided Bring your own lunchBethamy will guide you through making a piece of beautiful hand cut and patterned jewellery to take away with you. You will learn basic roll printing, ribbling and cutting techniques.


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Happy New Year!!!!!!

I’m inexplicably excited about 2014 folks, I really can’t explain why.

Not yet back to work, I’m meandering about my property in the hills trying to untangle the tomatoes and conunding (pretty sure that’s not a real word) on the water issue. Where is it, how do we get it, where do we put it; it’s a whole different beast when you’re not on scheme water.

Soon however; Monday even, these concerns are going to be relegated to the weekends and holidays as I get back to making madly.

What was I doing in 2013? Where have I been? Well hells, I been busy I swear! Up until just before christmas I was an applied and dedicated craftsperson.

  • I got a new website up (see!!!) which is great! (Thanks Mark!)
  • I joined Klimt02, (an international contemporary jewellery network),
  • I was awarded my certificate 3 in jewellery manufacture (that’s my fine jewellery apprenticeship for those that don’t speak TAFE),
  • I made a lot of pretty things for lovely people.
  • Winged Alates, the piece acquired by the National Gallery in 2012 was selected for Bodyworks, a travelling exhibition of 40 contemporary jewellery pieces from the National Gallery collection which is touring regional galleries in Australia for 2 years.
  • I took my first solo exhibition to Studio 20/17 in NSW
  • I participated in 2 group exhibitions in Brisbane and attended the JMGA conference
  • I participated in an Artsource 6×6 in November
  • Participated in a masterclass with professor Norman Cherry
  • My work King Brown was finalist in the Bendigo Contemporary Metal Awards

There’s more, I know it, I just can’t think.  But all that’s old hat!

This year, for starters, I’m working toward a second solo exhibition, I’m making a guest appearance as artist in residence at Mundaring Art Centre in February, and I’m committed to getting regular with this blogging thing. Wish me luck!!!

I hope every one of you has a frikkin-fantastic new year and had a wonderful time over the Christmas period.

All the best!

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a conference, a masterclass and short break

I’ve just arrived back from Brisbane, having attended the JMGA conference and a master class in textile techniques with Norman Cherry. It’s still all a bit of a blur.

It was fantastic to be surrounded by people that are one way or the other immersed in this strange little industry and it was fascinating listening to the speakers. Some highlights for me included spending time with other makers such as our own Christel Van Der Laan and ex-pat Melissa Cameron (at whose insistence I’m updating my blog, point taken Ms Cameron). By the end of the weekend we were all enthused about collaborating and committing to keep in touch.

All papers showcased centred around the theme of Participation and Exchange, resulting in an extremely broad cross section of presenters covering topics as diverse as women blacksmiths in Melbourne-town (Mary Hackett) and economies of gift-giving (Tricia Flanagan). It’s going to take some time to absorb everything I heard and to look into the projects that I found the most interesting. For the makers out there a call out has been issued for Suspended in Green, the third and final in the suspended series of contemporary jewellery exhibitions in curated by Laura Bradshaw-Heap. Deadline’s looming for August. DO IT.

The masterclass was fun; nice to be learning rather than teaching for a change, and I was shown lots of interesting techniques which I’ll be passing on to my students at C.I.T.

Now I’m back in Perth, and back to class. I have a few commissions to tie up, but I’m steering clear of exhibitions in the coming months. For now I’ll be settling back into the swing of things in my home in the hills, watching the wild flowers slowly unfurl on the granite outcrops and searching for wren’s nests.

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April Exhibition, May Workshops

300 pins for CBH done and delivered (thanks to a little help from my friends). Phew! Its been a one woman, 2 students and a particular gentleman friend production line around here. I’ll post a photo after I see the fabulous Bewley (Bill) George Shaylor the 3rd next week for a catch up, some light tuition and a couple of snaps. I’d provide a link to his website so that you could admire his lovely photography, but he’s too busy and important to put one together.

All the work for my exhibition in Sydney has been finalised and photographed (Bill again)! Two weeks and I’m off to Sydney for my exhibition at Studio 20/17. Sure, I’m a little nervous, but I’m more excited! We instal the exhibition on the 22nd of April, opening drinks are from 4 – 6 on the 27th. COME ALONG!!! (If you’re in Sydney that is, otherwise send all your friends on the east coast, I’ll need the moral support). Any hints or tips on what to do in the big smoke will be appreciated. I’ve been to Sydney many times, I confess, but I always seem to visit the same old haunts. Naturally, I’m going to be seeing as many jewellers and galleries as I can fit in while I’m over there and I’ll be delivering a report on the highlights on my return (I’m playing with artist Jessica Jubb and family while I’m there, so there’s a good chance many of the highlights will be the kind you can eat…)

I’m now working on bedding down an exciting commission for Mr John Royle (hope you don’t me outing you John), who shares with me a fascination for pretty things but is pro-active in a prospecting way about it. Our endeavour together is to create a modern prospector’s brooch (from John’s own hard won finds no less) to complement John’s ever-growing collection of interesting, rare, and historically important pieces . Some of which you can see here.

I’m also planning an open day and few workshops in May.Dates and sketchy details below. More to follow in a newsletter; in fact if you haven’t signed up for my news letter, there is now a subscription button on my website. Press it.


The first Saturday in of the month Jude Taylor and I are hosting open workshops at our respective spaces at Taylor’s Cafe in the Swan Valley. I hear you out there; “isn’t she always open?” well… while my door’s always open when I’m onsite, but I’m not always free to shoot the breeze. In fact these days the sign on the door reads “By Appointment Only”, it’s my caveat for when I’m working to a deadline and can’t muster a “Hi, How are you?” to save my life.


WORKSHOP Jewellery Making 101.

Strictly for beginners, over 6 hours (not including a beautiful lunch at the cafe) I will guide you through making a piece of beautiful hand cut sterling silver jewellery to take away with you. All materials provided.

$335 pp (6 Hours)

MAY 12

WORKSHOP Working with Titanium.

A little background in jewellery making, particularly some experience in piercing, is essential here. Best for beginners if they have attended Jewellery Making 101 (above) in the past. Over 4 hours I will show you how some of the things I do with titanium, including advanced piercing and heat anodising. You can come with a design of your own or choose one I will give you to work with. All materials provided.

$290 pp (4 hours)

MAY 26

WORKSHOP Paper Embossing

Again, a few basic tool skills will help to make this useful. Especially good if you have attended the previous workshops. In this workshop I will show you how to emboss copper and silver using a brass or titanium pattern (which you will have the opportunity to make) with minimum distortion, preserving the pattern for use in a jewellery piece. (See the image above for how I’ve applied these techniques to my work). All materials provided.

$350 pp (6 hours)

Places are strictly limited (Max 4 students per class). So please book soon to avoid disappointment.

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