Well hello, weren’t ready for that big ol’ face staring back at you now were you! I’ve had my dear friend Michelle back in to take more snaps of me, the studio and some of the hound for good measure.

A lot’s been happening in my little studio; it’s been custom-made diamond jewellery central around here. Starting with my best girl’s wedding rings (congratulations Angelique and Brian Kraft!), and then rounding out with the unique rings pictured below for two lovely clients that are getting hitched in 2014. They were a pleasure to make, the gold and diamonds were re-cycled from three rings given to them by his family. Just quietly I’m particularly taken by the ladies ring, I have an urge to use the idea in a series; watch this space.

For those of you who don’t know, many moons ago (think late 90’s) I spent 3 years as an apprentice jeweller. Due to circumstances beyond my control (and a natural aversion to formality) I never completed said apprenticeship. Recently inspired by my proximity to other people learning, I bit bullet and signed up for my qualification by recognition of prior learning! It probably means very little, except that I have the opportunity to learn a few tips and tricks from the trade that I missed with my final year, and that once I have my qualification I will have the freedom to take on an apprentice of my own should I wish. And I’m having a ball picking and choosing tricky tradie exercises to do to prove my skills set is complete!

So, any of you out there want a fancy setting for your precious stone, a handmade eternity ring or a tennis bracelet, hells bells, I’m here for you; more now than ever before!

PS. I have a new facebook page; have a look, there’s lots of lovely pics.