300 pins for CBH done and delivered (thanks to a little help from my friends). Phew! Its been a one woman, 2 students and a particular gentleman friend production line around here. I’ll post a photo after I see the fabulous Bewley (Bill) George Shaylor the 3rd next week for a catch up, some light tuition and a couple of snaps. I’d provide a link to his website so that you could admire his lovely photography, but he’s too busy and important to put one together.

All the work for my exhibition in Sydney has been finalised and photographed (Bill again)! Two weeks and I’m off to Sydney for my exhibition at Studio 20/17. Sure, I’m a little nervous, but I’m more excited! We instal the exhibition on the 22nd of April, opening drinks are from 4 – 6 on the 27th. COME ALONG!!! (If you’re in Sydney that is, otherwise send all your friends on the east coast, I’ll need the moral support). Any hints or tips on what to do in the big smoke will be appreciated. I’ve been to Sydney many times, I confess, but I always seem to visit the same old haunts. Naturally, I’m going to be seeing as many jewellers and galleries as I can fit in while I’m over there and I’ll be delivering a report on the highlights on my return (I’m playing with artist Jessica Jubb and family while I’m there, so there’s a good chance many of the highlights will be the kind you can eat…)

I’m now working on bedding down an exciting commission for Mr John Royle (hope you don’t me outing you John), who shares with me a fascination for pretty things but is pro-active in a prospecting way about it. Our endeavour together is to create a modern prospector’s brooch (from John’s own hard won finds no less) to complement John’s ever-growing collection of interesting, rare, and historically important pieces . Some of which you can see here.

I’m also planning an open day and few workshops in May.Dates and sketchy details below. More to follow in a newsletter; in fact if you haven’t signed up for my news letter, there is now a subscription button on my website. Press it.


The first Saturday in of the month Jude Taylor and I are hosting open workshops at our respective spaces at Taylor’s Cafe in the Swan Valley. I hear you out there; “isn’t she always open?” well… while my door’s always open when I’m onsite, but I’m not always free to shoot the breeze. In fact these days the sign on the door reads “By Appointment Only”, it’s my caveat for when I’m working to a deadline and can’t muster a “Hi, How are you?” to save my life.


WORKSHOP Jewellery Making 101.

Strictly for beginners, over 6 hours (not including a beautiful lunch at the cafe) I will guide you through making a piece of beautiful hand cut sterling silver jewellery to take away with you. All materials provided.

$335 pp (6 Hours)

MAY 12

WORKSHOP Working with Titanium.

A little background in jewellery making, particularly some experience in piercing, is essential here. Best for beginners if they have attended Jewellery Making 101 (above) in the past. Over 4 hours I will show you how some of the things I do with titanium, including advanced piercing and heat anodising. You can come with a design of your own or choose one I will give you to work with. All materials provided.

$290 pp (4 hours)

MAY 26

WORKSHOP Paper Embossing

Again, a few basic tool skills will help to make this useful. Especially good if you have attended the previous workshops. In this workshop I will show you how to emboss copper and silver using a brass or titanium pattern (which you will have the opportunity to make) with minimum distortion, preserving the pattern for use in a jewellery piece. (See the image above for how I’ve applied these techniques to my work). All materials provided.

$350 pp (6 hours)

Places are strictly limited (Max 4 students per class). So please book soon to avoid disappointment.