Hiya folks,

Thought I’d give you an update on my exciting new online store.

You may have seen and tried to follow the link to my online store in my last newsletter, well so sorry I am but that link was broken. Apologies for the wild goose chase. Good news is, Mark Beijer at Emerge Online (my IT rock *hallelujah*) has now embedded a link to the store in my website menu; no mess no fuss. Fact is, you can also view a selection of work from my facebook page. Now it’s an easy skip to shopping some of my new work from the comfort of your own home! Totally handmade, locally designed and home grown contemporary jewellery by yours truly for your viewing, shopping and wearing pleasure. Hells bells, stroll through my online store in your altogether; no need to put on airs or even pull on your uggies. In fact, bring your kids… and your dog. Crack open a bottle of something, light up a jazz cigarette; no judgement here. No one will even know. Blessed be, modern technology is our friend after all.

Currently in store, you shall find some of my favourite pieces from my Florescence range. Also, in the next week or so I plan to upload some of my newest favourites; my sun-babies. You may have seen me post images of these beauties on instagram. I’ve fallen hard for these characters, I hope you do too. In my next post, when I can offer you some worthy images, I will also give you an insight into the inspiration behind them. 

Please remember; if you see something you like but are the type that needs to be able to pick up and handle a piece before you commit to a meaningful relationship all of these pieces, and more, are available to view at my studio in Northbridge, open by appointment. Alternately Aspects of Kings Park, Found at Fremantle Arts Centre, and Botanicalia in York also have (different) pieces from this series to peruse.

Of course, in addition to these labours of love I continue to offer custom designed and hand made engagement and wedding ring commissions in gold and platinum (as well as alternate materials if that’s your bag). Commissioning engagement and wedding rings creates new possibilities, such as incorporating materials and stones from heirloom pieces. If you have been looking for an alternative to mainstream diamond engagement jewellery and would like to work with me to create something beautiful, unique and personal, drop me a line or flick me an email and we can make a time to sit down and talk it over.

With love,


Ps. with thanks to the gorgeous Eva Stewart, model, and the very handsome and talented Bill Shaylor, photographer.

Eva wearing Florescence Series anodised titanium and sterling silver jewellery