Photo by Yasmin Studio

So far this year has been a blur of activity, winding up teaching last year I had the notion that I might develop a line of work for sale through retail galleries. 

This isn’t an activity I’ve pursued for the last six or seven years; notoriously disorganised I struggle to keep track of stock, and my experience with interstate galleries going bust, selling work without informing me and generally being difficult to manage was less than comforting. Not surprisingly, one of the advantages jewellery has for an artist – that of being relatively small and easy to transport, is also a challenge. Galleries have the space and opportunity to represent sometimes over a hundred artists (why wouldn’t they; work is in consignment and costs them very little in terms of space to house) and very few galleries are in a position to adequately promote all said artists in a way that translate to sales that will support their practice’. Naturally, these galleries tend to focus on those artist with whom they have a close relationship, usually local often already established, though not always on either account. 

But I digress – as it happened the thought occurred to me, I started to develop the work and in the weird and wonderful way of the universe I soon received three unsolicited contacts from local retailers looking for work. I figure that’s a clear sign right? I took it upon myself to offer the work to Aspects, with whom I’ve had a relationship for 13 years now (gasp!) and i also started to investigate the possibility of an online store. So here I am three months later, and if you’re looking to find my work our there in the physical world you can now go to;
Aspects to Kings Park, Fraser Avenue West Perth

Found, Fremantle Arts Centre

Botanicalia, York

Sittella winery, Middle Swan

Margaret River Gallery, Margaret River.

In addition my own online store is just days (read an indeterminable number of weeks 😳) away from launching. I even have my an effortlessly beautiful model at hand to demonstrate just how lovely the work can look on you. I’ll keep you posted. 

Photo by Bill Shaylor