Spring has sprung and promptly settled, my hay-fever has all but subsided and summer has slipped in under the radar. It’s been a long time between posts, I know; and how I’ve missed you!

Oh my, it has been a busy couple of months! For those interested the first of 5 sets of handles have been installed at St Georges Cathedral. I’m very pleased with them, and better still with that done and dusted I have moved on to fill orders and start new work.

I have a new love; the past few weeks has found me flirting precociously with a recent acquisition. I have come into possession of a small kiln, a little dog eared, sure, a little dusty, but perfect for me. The upshot is that I now have the wherewithal to experiment with enamels! So far it’s been a scant few samples, but I couldn’t help use some enamelled elements in a hair comb I made for a beautiful bride last week. Just between us; I think I’m onto something!

And next up is Christmas! I have a couple of pieces in ‘Christmas Feast’ opening at Gallow’s Gallery, 53 Glyde Street Mosman Park, 6 30pm December 1. Stop for a glass of wine if you’re in the area. And, if you have a chance, please drop by the workshop for a chat over coffee and view my new works.