Hello! It’s been ages, I know. I’m a bad blogger.

But I have a bone to pick with the techno-ether; I’d like to know why all of the 200 comments I have received in my sad little part time/casual blogging career have been from escort agencies the world over? Answer me this; are there lovely ladies in lingerie pouring over jewellery blogs on their tea break? Sipping a chamomile and sharing the love? Or, as I suspect, is the culprit an all-knowing all-seeing machine designed solely to highlight my inadequacies? Anyway; no surprise I haven’t published them. If there is any real human beans out there; drop a comment or two; I’d love to hear from you!

A quick update on recent developments;

Over January I spent many hours on the piece pictured above. Inspired by the slithery snakes that crossed the grounds of my new home in epic numbers in early spring spring. It is my application to Bendigo Contemporary Australian Silver and Metalwork. I find out if my piece will be exhibited on March 1; Wish me luck!

I’m busily working toward my solo exhibition debut in Sydney at Studio 20/17. Opening on April 27! Eeek! Better get my skates on!

I’m also working on another huge corporate gift commission from CBH. My all-star favourite West Australian company. Major props to them for going local and handmade. I promise I will post photos of the finished work

Following Sydney I will be preparing work for inclusion in a survey of West Australian jewellers as part of Participation and Exchange the JMGA National Conference in Brisbane July 2013.

After which I might take a holiday.

Central Institute of Technology Advanced Diploma of Jewellery (where you can find me leading aspiring jewellers astray two days a week) is well represented in the JMGA National Conference exhibition Graduate Metal in Brisbane in July 2013. This is a curated exhibition of exceptional new jewellery and metal work graduates. Congratulations to Betty McKeough, Jodie Lyndon-James, Rei Minohara-Starke, Tess Doyle, Morven Downie, Nicole Wallin, Katherine Hubble, Nikki Di Giulio, most of whom I’ve had the pleasure to teach over the last two years.

Congratulations also to Alister Yiap, Perth City jewellery luminary and inaugural maker of the Perth City key! Yes, my efforts were unsuccessful I’m afraid. You win some, you lose some.