What a crazy couple of weeks! I’ve been making mad; filling orders and creating new work.

My recent efforts have resulted in a new collection of hair ornaments inspired by last weekend’s Wedding Upmarket at Mosman’s restaurant on the River in Mosman Park. Brides, Grooms, long-suffering friends and family came from far and wide to view the wares of 30 + local designers offering bespoke services. It was great! Champagne, canapes, coffee and tea, lots of chatting and meeting of lovely people looking at beautiful things. I was visited on the by a couple of my talented TAFE jewellery students one of whom (Rei Minohara-Starke) took some gorgeous photo’s of the day, including the above of my cabinet. I really do love a good wedding. And for wedding accoutrements I’m a particular fan of the lovely Mitchell and Dent ephemera, Jessie Anne House of Flowers bouquets, and Loui Col Designs bespoke gowns.

I also told the local rag around Midland, Ellenbrook and Bassendean ran an article on my practice and last Friday I was in the West Australian as well (you can read the article here). That’s me looking all squinty… it’s worth it…right?

For now, it’s back to the bench; I am working toward a photo shoot in early September with the ever-talented Michelle Taylor, so I plan to have a few new pieces ready for snapping by then.