Bear (my replacement pup) at Myrtle Point Vineyard

Yesterday I finished two of the four or five projects I’m working on; two spoons that I have made by casting a ingot and forging them out of the resulting 6.5mm silver bar. I’vw used traditional Linton Silver cast motifs as the decorative element, but the spoons are very different to the traditional line which is entirely fabricated. I like them a lot. They are quite graceful, as the bowl and stem is forged out of one piece of metal there is an elegant curve from the stem to the bowl. I’ve played with two different bowl shapes – one very round and one almost leaf shaped. I’ve kept the stems quite long, so they are more of a sugar or sweet spoon than a teaspoon.

I’m thinking it’s time to start looking at designing and producing a few Linton Silver products that are entirely my own.

Two spoons, finished and ready for polishing

I’ve also been working steadily on my bowl. I’ve taken that through from flat sheet to a raised form (all done!) which I have started planishing.

The bowl at the beginning, after the inititial sinking into the wooden trunk, ready for raising.

My bowl, as it is now, after raising is completed and planishing has started.