My broken limb

You may be wondering why I haven’t written for a while.

Well… I tripped and fell about 6 weeks ago, landed funny and broke my right arm and a bone in my left hand. Needless to say I have been decommissioned for some time. But I’m back! And so happy to be.

I was back at work on Wednesday June 2, and while not 100% I can do light duties, and expect that everything will swiftly improve until I’m back in the swing of things. Which is great, because there is SO MUCH TO DO! I have rings to make, a silver trike to build (commission for a client) a new series of flatware to design and work to develop for my solo show in 2011!

FORM has offered me a solo show next year based around the production work I develop as a result of my mentorship with Hendrik and a new body of larger scale works for exhibition that I will create especially to support the launch of the new range.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen my studio yet, get in touch and come and see me. I am based in the Midland Atelier at the old railway workshops.